Wind Ensemble Personnel

Mr. Gerard Morris, Conductor

Flute / Piccolo

  • Erin Happenny*
  • Mary Josten
  • Emma Lenderink
  • Katherine Nakasone
  • Riley Potts


  • Hannah Johnrud
  • Amanda Thompson‡*


  • Chloe Ray
  • Stefanie Octave*


  • Lyndi Knox
  • Katriel Looney
  • Martin Obrero
  • Cameron Stedman
  • Sam Walder*
  • Ben Yamamoto

Bass Clarinet

  • Everett Brooks Benner
  • Dominic Holt

Alto Saxophone

  • Mel DePriest*
  • Hayden Harper
  • Harrison Storm

Tenor Saxophone

  • C. Alex Meacham

Baritone Saxophone

  • Samuel Gatz


  • Evan Minsk
  • Matt Wasson*
  • Reid Wolch


  • Noah Jacoby*
  • Andrew Murphy
  • Tiffany Nomakchteinsky
  • Kyle Rink
  • Jacob Shaffer


  • Jake Bean
  • Adam Benabid
  • Ariana Kupai
  • Cade Stedman
  • Daniel Thorson

Bass Trombone

  • Gared Howard


  • Doug Berry
  • Quintin Lenti


  • Sierra Miller
  • Kyle Monnett*
  • Emily Tvedt

String Bass

  • Tomek Necessary


  • Aaron Howard
  • Charles Paganelli
  • Dylan Perry
  • Marcea Rinehart*
  • Samantha Zipper
‡Assistant to the Conductor
*University of Puget Sound Section Coach

Puget Sound Coaches

PSYWE works in a unique partnership with the School of Music, Dr. Keith Ward, Director, to provide outstanding section coaching for our members. These advanced Music Majors are receiving valuable teaching experience that will support their training as future music educators. In turn, our PSYWE members receive weekly coaching, both in sectionals and in full rehearsal. All coaching is done under the direct supervision of Mr. Morris.